The Best Year Of My Life Migrants In Malaysis

The Best Year Of My Life Migrants In Malaysis (Hardcover)

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That single hope to change one’s destiny is what ties all migrants together, whether they be the Bangladeshis who work in the forests of Malaysia, who work as unskilled labour in the Middle East, or those who go to the promised lands of the US. Not all of them are poor. Many are skilled and well educated. Still, the possibility of changing one’s destiny is the single driving force that pushes people into precarious journeys all across the globe. They see it not merely as a means for economic freedom, but also as a means for social mobility.
The book undertakes a holistic view of the migration of Bangladeshis to Malaysia. It attempts to create a better understanding of the complex issues surrounding migration, and looks pragmatically at integration and re-integration. It analyses the social, economic, legal and cultural environments under which migration takes place.

Title The Best Year Of My Life Migrants In Malaysis
ISBN 9789843413475
Edition 1st Published, 2016
Country Bangladesh
Language English

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