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The Ultimate Six Sigma : Beyond Quality Excellence to Total Business Excellence (Hardcover)

by Bhote Keki R

Price: TK. 945

The Ultimate Six Sigma : Beyond Quality Excellence to Total Business Excellence (Hardcover)

TK. 945


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Product Specification & Summary

In this well-written book, the author not only reaffirms the rigours and rewards of the original Six Sigma, but thoroughly expands its applications. Usually implemented in the traditional domains of quality management—engineering, manufacturing, operations—Six Sigma is perhaps most effective when deployed across the entire company as a vehicle to total business excellence.

In this definitive book, the author transcends the boundaries of the original Six Sigma to reach the ultimate Six Sigma, provides the necessary information and tools for implementing and assessing the progress of Six Sigma strategy in the major areas of business strategy that determine the success of any company. The implementation of the Six Sigma results in maximum output from every division, department, and individual in the company.

A case study illustrates each of the twelve areas highlighting real-world success at benchmark companies. Finally, a comprehensive self-assessment audit and scoring system lets companies measure long-term progress towards the ultimate Six Sigma score-perfection.

A large number of figures, tables, and reference notes enhance the value of the text which will be treasured by students of management and engineering for its utility, worth, and contemporary approach.

About The Author
Keki R. Bhote, consultant emeritus at Motorola Corporation, is known worldwide as one of the fathers of the Six Sigma model. As Motorola’s senior corporate consultant, he helped launch its Six Sigma process. Now, as President of Keki R. Bhote Associates, he has consulted with more than 400 companies worldwide. He is the author of fifteen books, including World Class Quality, and in 1995 was named one of America’s “quality gurus” by Quality Digest.

Table of Contents
List of Illustrations.
Foreword By Robert W. Galvin,
Chairman of The Board Emeritus, Motorola.
Preface: Blossoming of The Ultimate Six Sigma.

Part 1: Definitions And Concepts
One: What Is Six Sigma?
Two: The Need, Objectives, And Benefits of The Ultimate Six Sigma.
Three: The Origin, Development, And Renewal of Motorola’S Six Sigma.
Four: The Hyped Six Sigma: From The Pure Six Sigma To The Sick Sigma.
Five: The Scope, Structure, And Methodology of The Ultimate Six Sigma.

Part 2: The Ultimate Six Sigma—Twelve Areas of Business Excellence
Six: From Mere Customer Satisfaction To Customer Loyalty.
Seven: From Stifling Micromanagement To Inspirational Leadership.
Eight: From Taylorism To Empowerment Creation In The Organization.
Nine: From Passivity And Boredom Among Employees To Industrial Democracy.
Ten: From Traditional Indicators To Robust Metrics.
Eleven: From Obsolete Tools of The Twentieth Century To The Powerful Tools of The Twenty-First Century.
Twelve: From Historic Levels To Designs In Half The Time With Half The Defects, Half The Costs, And Half The Manpower.
Thirteen: From A Customer-Supplier Win-Lose Contest To A Win-Win Partnership For The Entire Supplier Chain.
Fourteen: From Second-Class Citizen To Manufacturing As A Major Contributor To Business Excellence.
Fifteen: Field Operations: From An Appendage To A Maximum Service To Downstream Stakeholders.
Sixteen: From The Black Hole of Little Accountability To Service As A Productivity Contributor.
Seventeen: From Mediocrity To World-Class Results.
Reference Notes.

Title The Ultimate Six Sigma : Beyond Quality Excellence to Total Business Excellence
ISBN 9788120331150
Edition 1st Edition,2008
Number of Pages 444
Country India
Language English

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