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Title Textbook of Medical Biochemistry
Author Dinesh Puri
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
Quality Paperback
ISBN 9788131249161
Edition 4th Edition, 2018
Number of Pages 700
Country India
Language English

Product Summary

The third edition of the book is thoroughly updated and presented in a new two-colour format. The book presents a detailed and authoritative exposition of the basic principles and applications of biochemistry. It focuses primarily on clarity of the fundamental concepts and explains them according to the need of undergraduate medical students. The organization of content in this book is such that it provides the reader with a logical sequence of events that aids learning.

Salient Features
* More emphasis in this edition is to systemize presentation and make reading soothing and pleasurable by deleting redundant details, adding new text and figures, improvement of earlier figures, supplementing text with easy to comprehend flowcharts, without changing basic framework of the book.
* Each chapter ends with clinical cases and the related questions, which evokes yet another method of active learning rather than didactic methods of imparting knowledge.
* Key points have been highlighted and boxed at the end of each topic for quick revision of the core concepts.
* This book comes with a free companion website which contains self-assessment exercises, detailed case discussions related to the clinical cases given inside the book, glossary and various other features for enhanced learning.

Table of Contents
1. Water, Buffers and Acid-Base Chemistry
I. Water as Principal Biological Fluid
II. Acids, Bases and Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs
III. Acid-Base Balance: Applied Aspects
Clinical Cases
2. Chemistry of Carbohydrates
I. Biological Significance of Carbohydrates
II. Classification of Carbohydrates
III. Structural Properties
IV. Hexoses, Pentoses, and Related Disaccharides and Oligosaccharides
V. Derived Sugars
VI. Polysaccharides
3. Chemistry of Lipids
I. Fatty Acids
II. Classification of Lipids
Clinical Case
4. Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins
I. Amino Acids
II. Peptides
III. Proteins
IV. Chemical Synthesis of Proteins
Clinical Cases
5. Proteins with Biological Activity
I. Collagen
II. Elastin
III. Glycoproteins
IV. Plasma Proteins
V. Immunoglobulins

Author Information

Textbook of Medical Biochemistry

Textbook of Medical Biochemistry

by Dinesh Puri


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