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Medical Parasitology (Paperback)

by R.L. Ichhpujani

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Medical Parasitology

Medical Parasitology (Paperback)

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Product Specification & Summary

Salient Features
* There has been a sea change in the mode of various competitive examinations and the commonest pattern followed is that of Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs ). Hence, a chapter containing 150 original MCQs in Parasitology has been added in the revised text.
* A brief information on nosocomial parasitic infections, eosinophilia and parasitic infections has been included in the form of additional chapters.
* All other chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated. The emphasis has been on presenting essential information in a concise, easy-to-understand and reproducible fashion. The information about the parasites of lesser medical importance has been drastically reduced.

Table Of Contents
General Parasitology
1. Historical Perspectives
2. Taxonomy and classification
3. Host-Parasite Relationship
4. Clinical Manifestations of Parasitic Diseases
5. Immunity in Parasitic Infections
6. Prevalence and Transmission of Parasitic Infections
7. Laboratory Diagnosis

8. Protozoa: Introduction and Classification
9. Intestinal Amoebae
10. Nonpathogenic Amoebae
11. Pathogenic Free Living Amoeabae
12. General Features of Flagellates
13. Intestinal Flagellates
14. Trypanosomiasis
15. Leishmaniasis
16. Balantidiasis
17. Malaria
18. Isosporiasis
19. Toxoplasmosis
20. Cryptosporidiosis
21. Pneumocystosis
22. Protozoans of Minor Medical Importance

23. General Features of Helminths
24. General Features of Nematodes
25. Trichuriasis
26. Trichinellosis
27. Strongyloidiasis
28. Ascariasis
29. Enterobiasis
30. Filariasis
31. Hookworm Disease
32. Dracunculiasis
33. Onchocerciasis
34. Loiasis
35. Larva Migrans
36. Nematodes of Lesser Medical Importance
37. General Features of Cestodes
38. Diphyllobothriasis
39. Taeniasis
40. Echinococcosis
41. Hymenolepiasis
42. Sparganosis
43. Introduction and Classification of Trematode
44. Schistosomiasis
45. Fascioliasis
46. Fasciolopsiasis
47. Paragonimiasis
48. Clonorchiasis
49. Trematodes of Minor Medical Importance

Applied Parasitology
50. Parasitic Infections in Compromised Host
51. Immunodiagnosis of Parasitic Infections
52. Quality Assurance and Laboratory Safety
53. Nosocomial Parasitic Infection
54. Eosinophilia in Parasitic Infections

Practical Parasitology
55. Processing of Faeces for Parasites
56. Concentration and Quantification Techniques for Faecal Parasites
57. Culture Techniques for Parasites
58. Processing of Blood and Other
Body Fluids for Parasites
59. Pseudoparasites and Artifacts
MCQs in Parasitology

Title Medical Parasitology
ISBN 9788171799022
Edition 3rd Edition, 2003
Number of Pages 326
Country India
Language English

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