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Food Microbiology (Paperback)

by William Frazier

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Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology (Paperback)

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Summary Of The Book
Food Microbiology is classified as the study of the microorganisms which are present in food. These microorganisms are of various kinds and can be responsible for creating or even contaminating the food. Microorganisms are needed greatly for producing foods such as cheese, kefir, and other fermented foods. Food Microbiology is a book that provides its readers with in-depth information on the subject of food microbiology.

This book is divided into six parts, containing 28 chapters in total. Some of the chapters in this book include Production Of Cultures For Food Fermentations, Foods And Enzymes From Microorganisms, Investigation Of Food-Borne Diseases, Spoilage Of Heated Canned Foods, Preservation By Use Of High Temperature, Microbiology In Food Sanitation, General Principles Underlying Spoilage: Chemical Changes Caused By Microorganisms, Microorganisms Important In Food Microbiology, and Food As A Substrate For Microorganisms.

The content in Food Microbiology is sure to meet the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate degree students of Food Microbiology.

About The Authors
The author of this book, William C. Frazier, was also a renowned professor of bacteriology. Apart from this book, Frazier had also authored Fundamentals Of Dairy Science and Microbiology, General And Applied. Frazier held the position of Professor Emeritus in the University of Wisconsin, Madison, teaching bacteriology. He also completed his doctoral degree in agricultural bacteriology from the same university, holding a teaching position till the completion of his degree.

Later, he left the university, and began working as a microbiologist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He returned to the University of Wisconsin in the year 1934, and played a crucial role in developing an academic course in food bacteriology. He retired from the university in the year 1966, and was elected as an honorary member of the American Society of Microbiology in 1970.

Dennis C. Westhoff is a renowned author and professor of food science. Apart from this book, Westhoff has also written another book entitled All About Yogurt. Westhoff currently holds the position of the chairman of the Department of Animal Sciences in the University of Maryland. He has spoken on the topic of Food Microbiology in the Middle East, United States, and South America. He currently teaches undergraduate and graduate level students in the University of Maryland. Westhoff has also worked as a consultant for the U.S Food And Drug Administration. He has also written a number of journals and review articles.

Table of Contents
Part I: Food and Microorganisms
* Chapter 1: Food as a substrate for microorganisms
* Chapter 2: Microorganisms important in Food Microbiology
* Chapter 3: Contamination of Foods
* Chapter 4: General Principles Underlying Spoilage: Chemical Changes Caused by Microorganisms

Part II: Principles of Food Preservation
* Chapter 5: General Principles of Food Preservation: A sepsis Removal, anaerobic Conditions
* Chapter 6: Preservation by Use of High Temperatures
* Chapter 7: Preservation by Use of Low Temperatures
* Chapter 8: Preservation by Drying
* Chapter 9: Preservation by Food Additives
* Chapter 10: Preservation by Radiation

Part III: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Different Kinds of Foods
* Chapter 11: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Cereals and Cereal Products
* Chapter 12: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Sugars and Sugar Products
* Chapter 13: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Vegetables and Fruits
* Chapter 14: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Meats and Meat Products
* Chapter 15: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Fish and Other Seafoods
* Chapter 16: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Eggs
* Chapter 17: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Poultry
* Chapter 18: Contamination, Preservation and Spoilage of Milk and Milk Products
* Chapter 19: Spoilage of Heated Canned Foods
* Chapter 20: Miscellaneous Foods

Part IV: Foods and Enzymes Produced by Microorganisms
* Chapter 21: Production of Cultures for Food Fermentations
* Chapter 22: Food Fermentations
* Chapter 23: Foods and Enzymes from Microorganisms

Part V: Foods in Relation to Disease
* Chapter 24: Food-borne Illness: Bacterial
* Chapter 25: Food-borne Poisonings, Infections and Intoxications: Non-bacterial
* Chapter 26: Investigation of Food-borne Disease Outbreaks

Part VI: Food Sanitation, Control and Inspection
* Chapter 27: Microbiology In Food Sanitation
* Chapter 28: Food Control
* Appendices A

Title Food Microbiology
ISBN 9780070667181
Edition 4th Edition, 2008
Number of Pages 560
Country India
Language English

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