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Fundamentals and Applied Pharmacology for Nurses (Paperback)

by Meena Shrivastava

Price: TK. 711

Fundamentals and Applied Pharmacology for Nurses

Fundamentals and Applied Pharmacology for Nurses (Paperback)

TK. 711

আপনার অনুরোধের বইটা বিদেশী প্রকাশনী বা সাপ্লাইয়ারের নিকট থেকে সংগ্রহ করে আনতে আমাদের ৩০ থেকে ৬০ কর্মদিবস সময় লেগে যেতে পারে। আপনার পক্ষে এত সময় অপেক্ষা করা সম্ভব হলে, অর্ডার করার অনুরোধ জানাচ্ছি।


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Product Specification & Summary

Key Features
* A concise and elaborative text covering all the fundamental issues in pharmacology. The entire text has been divided into eleven sections and five annexures on adverse drug reaction form, drug schedules, abbreviations, etc.

* Emphasises on nurses' roles and responsibilities in drug management and administration and also takes them to fundamental issues in pharmacology. Basic aspects have been dealt with the suffix of nursing implications at the end of almost every chapter. Some chapters have been elaborately designed keeping in mind the areas of interest to nursing fraternity.

* Highlights the key topics like drug formulations, drug administration and storage, emergency management of patients, drug safety issues, objective information about generic and brand names of drugs, etc.

Table of Contents
Section One: General Pharmacology
1 Definitions, Dosage Forms And Routes Of Drug Administration
2 Pharmacokinetics
3 Pharmacodynamics
4 Adverse Drug Reactions And Drug Interactions

Section Two: Pharmacology Of Autonomic Nervous System
5 Ans-General Considerations
6 Drugs Affecting Cholinergic System And Autonomic Ganglia
7 Drugs Affecting Sympathetic System

Section Three: Pharmacology Of Cardiovascular System
Pharmacotherapy Of Hypertension
Pharmacotherapy Of Angina Pectoris
Pharmacotherapy Of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Pharmacotherapy Of Congestive Heart Failure (Chf)
Pharmacotherapy Of Shock

Section Four: Drugs Acting On Blood And Blood Forming Organs
13 Drugs Affecting Blood Coagulation And Thrombosis
14 Haematinic Drugs

Section Five: Water, Electrolytes And Drugs Modifying Renal Functions
15 Pharmacology Of Water, Electrolytes And Nutrients In Dehydration
16 Diuretics And Antidiuretics

Section Six: Pharmacology Of Respiratory Tract
17 Pharmacotherapy Of Cough
18 Pharmacotherapy Of Bronchial Asthma And Rhinitis

Section Seven: Pharmacology Of Gastrointestinal Tract
19 Pharmacotherapy Of Peptic Ulcer
20 Emetics And Antiemetics
21 Pharmacotherapy Of Constipation And Diarrhoea
22 Hypolipidemics And Miscellaneous Drugs Acting On Git

Section Eight: Pharmacology Of The Central Nervous System
23 General Considerations And Aliphatic Alcohols
24 General Anaesthetics
25 Local Anaesthetics
26 Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
27 Hypnotics And Sedatives
28 Antiepileptic Drugs
29 Opioid Analgesics And Antagonists
30 Analgesic, Antipyretic And Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
31 Psychopharmacology
32 Pharmacotherapy Of Parkinsonism
33 Cns Stimulants And Cognition Enhancers

Section Nine: Hormones And Related Drugs (Endocrines)
34 General Consideration And Hormones Of Anterior Pituitary
35 Thyroid Hormones And Antithyroid Drugs
36 Drugs Affecting Calcium Metabolism
37 Insulin, Oral Antidiabetics Drugs And Glucagon
38 Corticosteroids
39 Gonadal Hormones And Their Antagonists
40 Oxytocin And Other Drugs Acting On Uterus

Section Ten: Chemotherapy
41 General Considerations
42 Sulfonamides, Trimethoprim And Quinolones
43 Urinary Antiseptics And Drugs For Sexually Transmitted Diseases
44 Beta-Lactam Antibiotics
45 Macrolides, Aminoglycosides And Other Antibacterial Drugs
46 Tetracyclines And Chloramphenicol
47 Antifungal Drugs
48 Antiviral Drugs
49 Chemotherapy Of Tuberculosis
50 Chemotherapy Of Leprosy
51 Chemotherapy Of Malaria
52 Chemotherapy Of Amoebiasis
53 Anthelmintic Drugs
54 Anticancer Drugs

Section Eleven: Miscellane
55 Antiseptics, Disinfectants And Ectoparasiticides
56 Vitamins
57 Heavy Metals And Antagonists, Enzymes, Therapeutic And Toxic Gases
58 Immunosuppressants And Gene Therapy
59 Vaccines, Sera And Other Immunostimulants
60 Drugs During Pregnancy And Infancy
61 Drugs Acting On Skin And Mucous Membranes
62 Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics
63 Management Of Drug Inventory And Distribution
64 Drug Prescribing And Calculation Of Doses

* Annexure I: Adverse Drug Reaction Form
* Annexure Ii: Representative Examples Of Drugs Which Should Be Stored In Refrigerator
* Annexure Iii: Proforma I, Ii, And Iii
* Annexure Iv: Drug Schedules
* Annexure V: Abbreviations
* Index
Title Fundamentals and Applied Pharmacology for Nurses
ISBN 9789350251133
Edition 1st Edition, 2011
Number of Pages 444
Country India
Language English

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