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Practical Histology for Medical Student (Paperback)

by S.R. Prasad 

Price: TK. 450

Practical Histology for Medical Student

Practical Histology for Medical Student (Paperback)

TK. 450

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Product Specification & Summary

Salient Features
* This Book has been designed to fulfill the needs of undergraduate medical students keeping in mind the simplicity of the language used in the text.
* The entire text has been thoroughly edited and revised to improve readability.
* Covers correct and concise histological aspects of tissues and organs of th human body.
* It consists of two sections dealing with tissues and organs with a provision of space for drawing diagrams.
* Describes the principal features of basic tissues and organs.
* Structures of glandular tissue and cytoplasmic organelles cells have been included.

Table of Contents
Section : 1 Tissues
1. The Cell
2. Study of Simple Epithelium
3. Study of Stratified Epithelium
4. Study of Glandular Tissue
5. Study of Connective Tissue: Cells
6. Study of Connective Tissue: Fibers
7. Study of Cartilage
8. Study of Bones
9. Study of Muscle Tissue
10. Study of Nervous Tissue I
11. Study of Nervous Tissue II

Section : 2 Organs
12. Study of Cardiovascular System I
13. Study of Cardiovascular System II
14. Study of Lymphatic Organs I
15. Study of Lymphatic Organs II
16. Study of Respiratory System I
17. Study of Respiratory System II
18. Study of Respiratory System: Lung
19. Study of Digestive System: Salivary Gland
20. Study of Digestive System: Tongue
21. Study of Digestive System: Esophagus
22. Study of Digestive System: Stomach
23. Study of Digestive System: Small Intestine
24. Study of Digestive System: Colon and Appendix
25. Study of Digestive System: Rectum and Anal Canal
26. Study of Digestive System: Liver
27. Study of Gallbladder and Pancreas
28. Study of Urinary System: Kidney
29. Study of Urinary System: Ureter and Urinary Bladder
30. Study of Male Genital System: Testes
31. Study of Male Genital System I
32. Study of Male Genital System II
33. Study of Female Genital System I
34. Study of Female Genital System II
35. Study of Nervous System: Spinal Cord
36. Study of Nervous System: Cerebellum and Cerebrum
37. Study of Endocrine Glands: Pituitary and Thyroid Gland
38.Study of Endocrine Glands: Adrenal and Parathyroid
39. Study of Skin and Mammary Gland
40. Study of Cornea and Retina

Title Practical Histology for Medical Student
ISBN 9789350251768
Edition 2nd Edition, 2011
Number of Pages 186
Country India
Language English

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