Pharmaceutical Chemistry Instrumental Techniques (2 Vol)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Instrumental Techniques (2 Vol) (Paperback)

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The aim of this book is to provide a depth of understanding not evident in other books it was decided to separate what is generally thought of as classical analytical techniques from those of instrumentation. The first volumedeals with theoretical and practical considerations of gravimetric analysis acid-base titrimetry and pH precipitation and complex formation acidimetry and alkalimetry nonaqueous titrimetry complexo- metric analysis alkaloidal assay miscellaneous methods ion exchange chromatography and the analysis of fixed and volatile oils. The second volume will present the theory and application of the following instrumental techniques: visible and ultraviolet spectrophotometry fluorescence spectro photometry turbidimetry and nephelometry infrared spectrophotometry and Raman spectroscopy flame photometry and atomic absorption analysis x-ray diffraction and optical crystallography mass spectrometry refractometry and interferometry polarimetry and optical rotatory dispersion gas chromatography radioactivity nuclear magnetic resonance potentiometric titrations and instrumental determination of pH coulometric methods and c1uonopotentiometry polarography amperometry and conductance and high frequency.

Table of Contents
* Preface
* Introduction and Technique
* Gravimetric Analysis
* Acid-Base Titrations and pH
* Precipitation, Complex Formation, and Oxidation-reduction Methods
* Acidimetry and Alkalimetry
* Nonaqueous Titrimetry
* Complexometric Titrations
* Alkaloidal Assay and Crude Drug Analysis
* Miscellaneous Methods
* Ion Exchange
* Column, Thin-Layer, and Paper Chromatography
* Analysis of Fixed Oils, Fats, and Waxes
* Analyses of Volatile Oils
* Answers to Problems
* Author Index
* Subject Index

Title Pharmaceutical Chemistry Instrumental Techniques (2 Vol)
ISBN 9788123915838
Edition 1st Edition, 2008
Number of Pages 504
Country India
Language English

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