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Textbook of Gynecology (Paperback)

by Sudha Salhan

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Textbook of Gynecology

Textbook of Gynecology (Paperback)

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Product Specification & Summary

Key Features
* A comprehensive and up-to-date text on the subject written with emphasis on recent advantages, counselling, medicolegal aspects and ethics.
* Focuses on the topics like medical termination of pregnancy, preconception and prediagnostic echniques, and biomedical waste management.
* Explains various techniques and procedures, underlying principles and abundant clinical examples in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

DVD Contents
1. Manual Vacuum Aspiration
2. Procedure of Insertion of Copper-T

Table of Contents
Section 1: Basics Of Gynecology
1. Evolution Of Gynecology
2. Medicolegal Aspects
3. Communication And Counseling In Gynecology
4. History Taking And Examination In Gynecology
5. Psychiatric Aspects Of Gynecology
6. Bioethics And Evidence Based Management
7. Organizing Studies And Clinical Work

Section 2: Anatomy And Physiology
8. Surgical Anatomy Of Female Genital Tract
9. Development Of Female Genital Tract
10. Physiology Of Menstruation

Section 3: Endocrinology In Gynecology
11. Pediatric Gynecology
12. Puberty
13. Adolescent Gynecological Issues
14. Amenorrhea
15. Androgen Excess In Reproductive Life
16. Dysmenorrhea And Chronic Pelvic Pain (Cpp)
17. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (Aub)
18. Premenstrual Syndrome (Pms)
19. Endometriosis
20. Causes Of Infertility
21. Assisted Reproductive Technology (Art)
22. Menopause

Section 4: Disorders Of Early Pregnancy
23. Bleeding In Early Pregnancy
24. Ectopic Pregnancy (Ep)
25. Trophoblastic Disease
26. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Section 5: Abnormalities And Injuries Of Genital Tract
27. Malformations Of Female Genital Tract
28. Disorders Of Sex Development (Dsd)
29. Pelvic Organ Displacements
30. Violence Related To Gender And Sexuality
31. Reproductive Morbidity
32. Role Of Rehabilitation Medicine In Gynecology Practice

Section 6: Genitourinary Problems In Gynecology
33. Urinary Tract Infection (Uti)
34. Urinary Incontinence In Females
35. Genital Fistula

Section 7: Infections Of Genital Tract
36. Reproductive Tract Infections And Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Rtis And Stds)
37. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (Pid)
38. Genital Tuberculosis

Section 8: General Principles Of Gynecology
39. Screening For Gynecological Cancers
40. Chemotherapy And Radiotherapy In Gynecological Malignancies
Section 9: Diseases Of Vagina
41. Benign Conditions Of The Vagina
42. Premalignant And Malignant Conditions Of The Vagina

Section 10: Diseases Of Cervix
43. Benign And Premalignant Conditions Of Cervix
44. Malignant Conditions Of The Uterine Cervix

Section 11: Diseases Of Uterus And Fallopian Tubes
45. Benign And Premalignant Conditions Of The Uterus
46. Malignant Conditions Of Uterus And Fallopian Tubes

Section 12: Diseases Of Ovary
47. Benign Conditions Of Ovary And Fallopian Tubes
48. Ovarian Malignancy

Section 13: Diseases Of Vulva
49. Dermatoses Of Vulva
50. Other Benign Conditions Of Vulva
51. Premalignancies And Malignancies Of The Vulva

Section 14: Mtp And Contraception
52. The Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (Mtp) And Safe Abortion
53. Contraception
54. The Preconception (Pc) And Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Pndt)
Prohibition Of Sex Selection) Act

Section 15: Imaging Modalities In Gynecology
55. Role Of X-Ray In Gynecology
56. Ultrasound (Usg) In Gynecology
57. Color Doppler And 3D Ultrasound In Gynecology
58. Computed Tomography (Ct) And Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) In Gynecology
59. Positron Emission Tomography (Pet) In Gynecology

Section 16: Operation Theater Activities
60. Asepsis And Antisepsis In Operation Theater (Ot)
61. Preoperative Care 62. Intraoperative And Anesthesia Complications During Gynecology Surgery
63. Postoperative Care And Complications
64. Sutures And Needles
65. Minor Procedures

Section 17: Major Operations
66. Perineal Tears
67. Endoscopy In Gynecology
68. Operations Of Ovary
69. Conservative Surgical Methods Of Treatement Of Pelvic Organ Prolapse
70. Hystercetomy
71. Microsurgery In Gynecology
72. Myomectomy
73. Radical Surgeries In Gynecology
74. Vault Prolapse
75. Vaginoplasty
76. Laser In Gynecology
77. Robotic Surgery In Gynecology

Section 18: Miscellaneous
78. Breast Diseases
79. Drugs Used In Gynecology
80. Basis Of Neo-Organo-Histogenesis In Vivo: Regeneration Of Fallopian Tubes And Uterus
81. Stem Cells Research, Clonning And Gene Therapy
82. Care Of A Terminally Ill Patient: Palliative Care
83. Biomedical Waste Management And Handling Rules
84. National Rural Health Mission (Nrhm) And Reproductive And Child Health Ii (Rch Ii)
85. Specimen In Gynecology
86. Common Instruments In Gynecology
87. Frequently Asked Questions In Final Mbbs
88. Often Asked Multiple Choice Questions In Md/Ms Entrance Examinations

Title Textbook of Gynecology
ISBN 9789350253694
Edition 1st Edition, 2011
Number of Pages 700
Country India
Language English

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