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Lt. General Mir Shawkat Ali books

লে. জেনারেল মীর শওকত আলী

Popularly known as Mir Shawkat, was born on 9 Dec 1936 in Nazira Bazar, Dhaka. He joined the 2nd East Bengal Regiment on 27 Apr 58. During 1971 He revolted and in the Liberation War, Commanded No 5 Sector and was awarded “Bir Uttam" for gallantry. He commanded two Brigades and two Divisions. Held appointment of CGS and PSO YO C-in-C before retiring as LT-Gen. While he was ZMLA during 1975 to 1977 he was appointed Chairman of "Old Dhaka Development Committee and President "Bangladesh Football Federation" In addition to his duties. Former Ambassador for Bangladesh to Egypt, Germany and UK. Resigned in protest against Ershad's dictatorship during 1988 while in UK and joined BNP as President of Dhaka City BNP, later was elected as MP from Labagh and Minister for Food and later for Labour and Manpower.

লে. জেনারেল মীর শওকত আলী এর বই সমূহ

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