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By: Md. Shazzadur Rahman, 29 Mar 2020

For a long time, Islamic books were not very much welcoming to the Muslims of general background. Only a very small number of people who had an Arabic study background were involved in reading these books. Especially fiqh, Hadith, biography, and history. But now Muslims from general backgrounds along with doctors, engineers are reading these books in a huge number. Not only this, people who become practicing Muslims from the general academic line are writing Islamic books. Some of them are the best Islamic books. They are from several fields including banking, psychology, evolution, food habits, parenting, etc. from an Islamic paradigm. To the Muslim from general background these books are the best. There are many reverted stories which are being famous. And the new Muslims are very fond of that as they can easily connect to these writers along with the books. A lot of best Islamic books in Bengali are translated from English, Arabic, and Urdu. It's very easy for the readers to read this book from the best Islamic scholars. But if anyone comes to the local bookstore they will find many religious books whether some of them are authentic and some of them are not. For a general background Muslim it’s really tough to go through authentic Islamic books especially on hadith, fiqh this kind of sensitive issue which could easily be misleading. And also there are many books of fake hadith which booksellers are selling at a cheap rate by the name of best Islamic books for profit. For being aware of that one Muslim needs to study a lot. As we all know the first word that comes from the holy Quran is ‘Iqra’ which also means to read. Muslims are nowadays being known as terrorists because of some people who have no real knowledge of Islam. We should not let this ummah go like that. There are books written for the Muslims to guide them, to enrich their knowledge, to make them productive. We should read those best Islamic books and keep reflecting on the studies in our life.

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