Best Islamic Psychology Books to Read (3 Products)

By: Md. Shazzadur Rahman, 29 Mar 2020

The holy Quran is not only a book with 114 Surah, but it’s also a complete guideline to mankind. There is nothing absent here. Whoever wants treatment can find it here, whoever wants the strategy of war also can find it there. It is a living book. The Quran can also give us insight into psychology. In recent years we found some doctors and psychologists who write books of psychology with an Islamic perspective. These Islamic Psychology books are not only a piece of their research but it also gives us guidelines from Quran and Sunnah. Generally, we didn’t think much about psychological issues around us, also the emotional dilemmas. But these things are very natural in human beings in our day to day life. We often ignored when it comes to thinking psychologically rather than we should study what Islam said of it. Islamic Psychology Books can give us suggestions and tips for our daily life, about how to control our emotions, how to overcome psychological issues in marriage, how to raise our children psychologically and also the teenage psychological issues. Whenever we are in a state of psychological imbalance our chance of doing a sin is high. To not let this happen we should study Islamic Psychological Books.

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