• Econo Student Pen (10 Pcs)
Econo Student Pen (10 Pcs)

Econo Student Pen (10 Pcs)

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Brand: GQ Ball Pen Industries

Category: Black Ink Ball pen

TK. 50

Product Specification & Summary

Title: Econo Student Pen (10 Pcs)
Brand: GQ Ball Pen Industries
Packing Poly

-> Oil gel pen
-> Ballpoint Pen
-> Type C
-> Extra Fine
-> Flow Writing Ink Pen
Econo Student Pen is backed by international technology for your complete satisfaction and writing pleasure.

Brand Information

GQ Ball Pen Industries
GQ Ball Pen Industries

A vision of producing good quality Pen for the well being of human GQ group has started its journey. Hence, GQ means “Guaranteed Quality” which is very much align with our corporate vision and brand promise and we are following the international standard of quality control process in every steps of our Pen production & Pen procedure.

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