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Human Genetics In Nursing (Paperback)

by Suresh K. Sharma

Price: TK. 711

Human Genetics In Nursing

Human Genetics In Nursing (Paperback)

TK. 711

আপনার অনুরোধের বইটা বিদেশী প্রকাশনী বা সাপ্লাইয়ারের নিকট থেকে সংগ্রহ করে আনতে আমাদের ৩০ থেকে ৬০ কর্মদিবস সময় লেগে যেতে পারে। আপনার পক্ষে এত সময় অপেক্ষা করা সম্ভব হলে, অর্ডার করার অনুরোধ জানাচ্ছি।


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Product Specification & Summary

Key Features
* This book offers the basic of genetics and genetic health care for practice of every nurse and specialist.
* It is based on current syllabus prescribed by Indian Nursing Council for graduate and postgraduate nursing students.
* Includes most of the current genomic empirical evidences so that they can learn current genomic advancements in testing, counselling and treatment of genetic disorders.
* In addition, this book presents role of nurses in all the discussions.

Table of Contents
* 1 Introduction
* Concept of Genetics
* Basic Genetic Terms
* Practical Applications of Genetics in Nursing
* Impact of Genetic Conditions on Families
* Review of Cellular Division
* Characteristics and Structure of Genes
* Protein Biosynthesis
* Chromosomes?Sex Determination
* Chromosomal Aberrations
* Mechanism of Inheritance
* Laws of Inheritance
* Mendelian Theory of Inheritance
* Patterns of Inheritance
* Sexlinked Inheritance
* Facts about Transmission of Genetic Disorders
* Multiple Alleles and Blood Groups
* Gene Mutation (Errors of Transmission)
* Effect of Gene Mutations on Health and Development
* Reduced Penetrance and Variable Expressivity
* Anticipation

2 Emerging Paradigm of Genetics in Nursing
* Genetics Nursing Practice Milestones
* Roles of Nurses in Genetics
* Importance of Genetics in Nursing Curriculum
* Barriers and Approaches for Implementation of Genetics in Nursing
* Assumptions Regarding Genetics and Health Care in Future

3 Maternal and Prenatal Genetics
* Genetics and Infection
* Consanguinity Atopy
* Prenatal Nutrition and Food Allergies
* Maternal Age
* Maternal Drug Therapy
* Effects of Radiations, Drugs and Chemicals
* Prenatal Testing and Diagnosis
* Infertility
* Spontaneous Abortions
* Neural Tube Defects (NTD)
* Down Syndrome

4 Neonatal and Children Testing or Screening
* Meaning and Purpose
* Newborn Screening
* Genetic Testing and Screening in Children
* Screening for:
* ? Congenital Abnormalities
* ? Developmental Delay
* ? Dysmorphism

5 Genetic Conditions of Adolescents and Adults
* Genetic Statistics
* Naming Genetic Conditions
* Cancer Genetics: Familial Cancer
* Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM)
* Blood Group Alleles and Hematological Disorders
* Genetic Hemochromatosis
* Huntington?s Disease
* Mental Illness
* Therapeutic Approaches for Genetic Disorders
* Nursing management in Genetic Disorders

6 Services Related to Genetics
* Genetic Testing
* Human Genome Project
* Genomic Era
* Gene Therapy
* The Eugenic Movement
* Genetic Counseling
* Role of Nurses in Genetic Counseling
* Pharmacogenomics
* Further Reading
* Glossary
* Index
Title Human Genetics In Nursing
ISBN 9788184488128
Edition 2nd Edition, 2010
Number of Pages 370
Country India
Language English

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