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Clinical Examination of Ophthalmic Cases (Paperback)

by M. L. Agarwal

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Clinical Examination of Ophthalmic Cases

Clinical Examination of Ophthalmic Cases (Paperback)

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TK. 765

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Product Specification & Summary

This is the thoroughly revised updated and completely rewritten edition of the popular text. Each chapter begins with a brief history followed by comprehensive clinical examination investigations and clinical features with management of the ocular disease. Ten new chapters have been added to make up for earlier deficiencies. The last three chapters cover many congenital defects many difficult and rare topics and syndromes with notes. The book is designed to serve as a handy text-reference on clinical examination of ophthalmic cases covering the ocular disease that postgraduate students come to see examine and treat during their clinical postings. The book presents clinical examination of the ophthalmic cases in poetic format that would be suitable to postgraduate students during their study and later when they enter the profession independently. The reader-friendly format of the book will help postgraduate students understand imbibe retain and reproduce the facts easily anytime and anywhere especially in the practical examinations while presenting their cases to the examiners who are keen to critically analyze the presentations threadbare. The book should be in the hands of not only the postgraduate students but also residents faculty members and practicing ophthalmologists.

About the Author
M. L. Agarwal is Professor Emeritus in Ophthalmology GR Medical College Gwalior MP. He earned his masters degree in ophthalmology from MGM Medical College Indore in 1958; joined Gandhi Medical College as Registrar in 1959; and became Professor and Head Department of Ophthalmology GR Medical College Gwalior in 1967. He was awarded WHO Fellowship in 1971 for further evolution at UK. He has the distinction of having written eight books in ophthalmology.

Sanjeev Agarwal is Professor of Ophthalmology Regional Institute of Ophthalmology Gandhi Medical College Bhopal. He earned his masters degree in ophthalmology from GR Medical College Gwalior in 1988 joined as lecturer in 1989 and became Professor of Ophthalmology in 2004 at Gandhi Medical College Bhopal. He received three gold medals five distinctions and Bharat Jyoti Award with Certificate of Excellence. He is honorary member of Research Board of Advisers American Biographical Institute. He has written seven books.

Table of Contents
* Preface
* A Case with Proptosis
* A Case with Orbital Inflammatory Lessions
* A Case with Thyroid Orbitopathy
* A Case with Cyst of Supraorbital Angle
* A Case with Plosis
* A Case with Congenital Simple Plosis
* A Case with Myasthenic Plosis
* A Case with Logophthalmos-Bell's Palsy
* A Case with Nodular Lession of Lid
* A Case with Lid or Locrimal Gland Lesion
* A Case with Epiphora
* A Case with Docryocystitis
* A Case with Dry Eye Syndrome
* A Case with Chlamydial Follicular Conjunctivitis
* A Case with Viral Follicular Conjunctivitis
* A Case with Allergic Conjunctivitis
* A Case with Nodule of Limbus
* A Case with Corneal Lesions
* A Case with Scieral Lesions
* A Case with Abnormal Light Reflex of Pupil
* A Case with Leukocoria in a Child
* A Case with Uveal Lesions
* A Case with Lens Opacity
* A Case with Glaucoma
* A Case with Vitreous Lesion
* A Case with Endophthalmitis
* A Case with Retinal Detachment
* A Case with Maculopathy
* A Case with Diabetic Retinopathy
* A Case with Hypertensive Retinopathy
* A Case with Central Retinal Vein Occlusion
* A Case with Retinitis Pigmentosa
* A Case with Optic Nerve Lesion
* A Case with Myopia
* A Case with Heterophoria-Latent Squint
* A Case with heterotropia-Manifest Squint
* A Case with Paralytic and Restrictive Squint
* A Case with III, IV and CI Nerve Palsy
* A Case with Brain Tumor
* A Case with Nystagmus
* A Case with Visual Field Defect
* A Case with Sudden Loss of Vision
* A Case with Low Vision
* A Case with Contusion/Consussion Injury
* A Case with Retained Intraocular Foreign Body
* A Case with Blow-out Fracture Orbit
* A Case with Sympathetic Ophthalmitis
* A Case wtih Migrainous Headache
* A Case with Flat Anterior Chamber following Filtering Surgery
* Notes on Congenital Ocular Defects
* Notes on Ocular Syndromes
* Notes on Uncommon Ocular Topics
* Ocular Cryo and Laser Therapies
* Fundus Flueorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography
* Index

Title Clinical Examination of Ophthalmic Cases
ISBN 9788123920566
Edition 3rd Edition, 2012
Number of Pages 350
Country India
Language English

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