Drug Interactions In Infectious Diseases

Drug Interactions In Infectious Diseases (Hardcover)

Product Specification & Summary

Section 1. General Concepts
1. Introduction to Drug Interactions
2. Mechanisms of Drug Interactions I: Absorption, Metabolism, and Excretion
3. Mechanisms of Drug Interactions II: Transport Proteins
4. Drug-Food Interactions
Section 2: Drug Classes
1. Antiretrovirals
2. Non-HIV Antivirals
3. Rifamycins and other Anti-Tubercular Agents
4. Macrolides, Azolides, and Ketolides
5. Quinolones
6. Beta-Lactam Antibiotics
7. Antifungal Agents
8. Antimalarial Agents
9. Antiprotozoal and Antithelmintic Agents
10. Glycopeptides and Lipopeptides
11. Tetracyclines, Aminoglycosides and Miscellaneous Antibiotics
11. Drug-Cytokine Interactions
12. Drug Interactions with Herbal/Alternative Medicines
Section 3: Research Issues
1. Drug Interactions: Regulatory Perspective
2. Probe Cocktail Studies
3. Design and Data Analysis of Drug Interaction Studies

Title Drug Interactions In Infectious Diseases
ISBN 9781588294555
Edition 2nd Edition, 2005
Number of Pages 534
Country India
Language English

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