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Code Name God

by Mani Bhaumik

Price: TK. 450

Code Name God

Code Name God

TK. 450

আপনার অনুরোধের বইটা বিদেশী প্রকাশনী বা সাপ্লাইয়ারের নিকট থেকে সংগ্রহ করে আনতে আমাদের ৩০ থেকে ৬০ কর্মদিবস সময় লেগে যেতে পারে। আপনার পক্ষে এত সময় অপেক্ষা করা সম্ভব হলে, অর্ডার করার অনুরোধ জানাচ্ছি।


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Product Specification & Summary

Summary Of The Book
There have been innumerable questions that have been raised while talking about merging science and philosophy. Does God exist? Is science somewhere responsible for shaping the faith in God? Our culture and deep rooted values have conditioned us to believe in God, but some still question his existence. So, can one reach a common road between science and spirituality?

With the increasing philosophical scepticism and developments in science, man appeared to lose faith in God. But science itself has proved to be a false god, leaving in its wake a disillusioned and despondent mankind.

The author explains his personal journey that begins in a small town in Bengal, which was rife with turbulent periods that involved a famine and the chaos of the freedom struggle. His life journey, deeply influenced by his father’s and later by Mahatma Gandhi and Satyendranath Bose, is dealt with in detail, with a touch of spirituality.

The discoverer and pioneer of laser technology, thereafter facilitating the LASIK technique, Bhaumik explains, in his book, the reasons behind taking up research in spirituality and then takes a spiritual yet scientific approach to explain the existence and the strong presence of God in the universe.

The book can be seen as one that is divided into three parts. The first part deals with Bhaumik’s personal life amidst the extremities of poverty. The second part deals with his journey into the deep world of science and research, which were a turning point in his life and transformed him from a commoner to a multi-millionnaire. The third and final part is the author’s personal journey as he moves deep into the world of spirituality and begins to question certain realities.

Inspirational and deeply enriching, Code Name God attempts to provide the reader with a simple yet scientific approach to believe in God and to prove his existence.

About Mani Bhaumik
Mani Bhaumik is an Indian born American physicist and writer.
The author has also penned a few other books, which are Bishwa Jeebani: Biography of the Universe and Ami Naren: Bideshe Vivekananda.

Born in a small village in Siuri, Midnapore, in West Bengal, Bhaumik was awakened by forces of education and the freedom struggle. His painstaking journey to acquire education during the famine period and thereafter breaking the records to be the first student and to receive a PhD degree from IIT Kharagpur in quantum physics has been noteworthy.
Title Code Name God
ISBN 9780144001033
Country Abroad
Language English

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