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Antivirus Price in Bangladesh 

An antivirus is a software program that is designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software (malware) from a computer or mobile devices. Malware can be in the form of viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, or any other malicious software that can harm the device and steal sensitive information. Antivirus software has become an essential tool in the modern world due to the increasing threat of cyberattacks.


Antivirus Importance and Protection

Antivirus is crucial in today's digital world because it protects both computers and mobile devices from malware. The modern world is characterized by a high level of technological advancement, and most people rely on computers and mobile devices to store sensitive information. Antivirus software prevents malware from attacking devices by detecting and removing them. It also provides protection against phishing attacks, which can steal personal and sensitive information. Antivirus software works by scanning the computer or mobile device for malicious software and then isolating it to prevent it from causing any harm.


Best Antivirus Brands

There are several antivirus brands available in Bangladesh, including AVG, ESET, Dr. Web, Norton, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Panda Security, and McAfee. These brands offer a comprehensive suite of protection features that can detect and remove all types of malware. In terms of antivirus price in BD, ESET Internet Security and ESET Antivirus are affordable options, with prices ranging from 700-1,200 BDT. Additionally, these brands provide features such as email protection, firewall, parental controls, and anti-phishing protection to provide a complete security solution.


Available Antivirus Brands 

ESET is a well-known antivirus brand that offers both ESET Internet Security and ESET Antivirus. ESET Internet Security provides complete protection against malware, phishing, and other online threats, while ESET Antivirus provides basic protection against malware. 


Rokomari Facilities to Deliver Countrywide

Rokomari is a popular e-commerce platform in Bangladesh that offers a wide range of products, including antivirus software. Customers can purchase Internet Security and Antivirus from Rokomari. Rokomari offers various payment options, including cash on delivery, bKash, and credit card payment, making it easy for customers to purchase antivirus software.

In conclusion, antivirus software is an essential tool for protecting computers and mobile devices from malware and other online threats. Brands such as ESET offer comprehensive protection against all types of malware, including phishing attacks. With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, investing in antivirus software is a wise decision for anyone who uses a computer or mobile device.