Best Islamic Story Books for Adults (36 Products)

By: Md. Shazzadur Rahman, 29 Mar 2020

Islamic story books are now very popular among the people of young age especially university going people. It’s been a couple of years when the thought of general background has been changing and they are being interested in Islam and practicing Islam sincerely. They prefer reading Islamic story books because these books are not only entertaining and thought-provoking these books are also a reminder of worshipping Allah. These Islamic story books have a story which could be from the Quran, the biography of Prophets, or from the daily lives but they are amazingly packed with the reference of the verses of the Quran and the hadiths. Where previously parents were using fairytales or fables to make their children asleep now they could use these Islamic story books in English which are also available for kids in colorful content and attractive images such as the 365 Hadith stories, Dua stories, and the Quran stories. Some publishers are now translating this kind of book and also writing a new one in Bengali especially for kids. It is not like that these story books are only for the kids there are also books for adults, even adults can enjoy the books too. But books with parenting stories, reverted stories, marital relationships, and stories of controlling nafs(soul) and especially the biography of prophets and sahaba are good Islamic story books for adults. Previously we had very few story books on these contents and the quality was not good but now many the number of authors and books are growing in good quality along with quantity. These story books are something that works as an antidote, which inspires them during hardships and gives them courage. A lot of stories of these Islamic story books are a strong reminder for Muslims too and as they talked about the struggles of the life of a practicing Muslim so the reader can easily relate with these books and enrich themselves.

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