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By: msrb, 31 Mar 2020

Humayun Ahmed is mainly popular for his movie-making and his novels. He wrote his first novel Nondito Noroke during 1971 when he was a university student. The novel was published in 1972 by the ingenuity of writer Ahmed Sofa under Khan Brother's Publishers. From his very first uponnash, his themes comprised the ambitions of average middle-class, urban families and portrayed typical moments of their lives. His second novel was Shonkhonil Karagar. Humayun Ahmed Uponnash is very popular for the portrayal of the middle-class life of Bangladesh. Humayun Ahmed Uponnash contains repeated characters such as Himu (21 novels), Misir Ali (20 novels) and Shubhro (6 novels). He wrote several novels based on the Bangladesh Liberation War such as Aguner Poroshmoni, Papp, Srabon Megher Din, and Jochona O Jononir Golpo. He wrote some romantic novels like Badol Diner Prothom Kodom Phool, Aj Dupure Tomar Nimontran, Noboni, Krishnopoksho, and Tumi Amai Dekechhile Chhutir Nimontrane.

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