• Wax Crayon 57mm (1 pack)
Wax Crayon 57mm (1 pack)

Wax Crayon 57mm (1 pack)

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Brand: Faber Castell

Category: Wax crayon

TK. 25


  • Pencil Size: 2.24 inch
  • Lead Quality: 3.0mm
  • Product Type: Wax Crayon

Product Specification & Summary

Title: Wax Crayon 57mm (1 pack)
Brand: Faber Castell
Pencil Size 2.24 inch
Lead Quality 3.0mm
Product Type Wax Crayon
Origin India
Body Shape Wax
Color Quantity Per Pack 12 Colors × 1

"* Special shapes and sizes for all to assist with early age drawing and motor skills development
* Smooth bright color rich sticks , clean for hands, non toxic and food grade pigments, safe for children ages 3
* Wide range of specially developed shapes and size which guide children through the various stages of physiological and psychological development
* Superior formulation-non waxy, extra smooth flow of colors which does not come off the paper
* Rich bright colors.
* Help improve motor skills and eye-hand coordination
* Ideal for beginners: drawing and coloring.
* There are 12 Colours available and they are Brown, Pink, Orange,Light orange,Green,Light green,Golden, Blue, sky blue,Black,Yellow and Red."

Brand Information

Faber Castell
Faber Castell

The unique ensemble consisting of factory buildings, grand houses and a landscaped park, created by Lothar von Faber and Alexander Count Faber-Castell, is now accessible to the public as the “Faber-Castell Experience”. Its special fascination lies in the juxtaposition of the past and future of an internationally active family firm that is now, after more than 250 years, in the hands of the family. We wish you an enjoyable and memorable time at Faber-Castell in Stein.

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2 Ratings and 1 Review

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