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Fish For Life (Paperback)

by Stephen C. Lundin

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Fish For Life

Fish For Life (Paperback)

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Summary Of The Book
FISH is a management theory, a philosophy to get the best performance out of everyone at the workplace. This system was evolved by John Christensen, a filmmaker and a businessman, based upon what he saw at a small fish market in Seattle.

This idea has been adapted to show how it could benefit people in their personal life as well. Fish! For Life outlines how the same principles that form the foundation for a good environment in the workplace could also be applied to the home.

The FISH philosophy is based on four basic principles - Fun/Play, Make Their Day, Be There, and Choose Your Attitude. For the workplace, these translated into making the work they do enjoyable and fun, making others, especially customers feel special, being supportive to coworkers, and starting the workday with the right attitude.

These can be applied to personal life too, says Fish! For Life. The authors use the premise of a young family, Mary Jane, her husband and their two children, to demonstrate how it can be effective at home.

The family scenario is familiar as it involves growing children, working parents, tension at school, and financial strain. Then, the authors show how by viewing work as fun, and by being supportive of each other, and by staying positive and cheerful, most of the stress of family life can be mitigated.

About The Authors
Stephen C. Lundin is a filmmaker and motivational speaker.
Other books by Lundin are Fish Tales, Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, and CATS The Nine Lives Of Innovation.
His works are in the self-help genre.
Stephen C. Lundin is a filmmaker, an experienced psychologist and an author. He is a reputed speaker on management and motivational skills, and has written many books that expound his philosophy.
Harry Paul is a management consultant and author.
Other books by this author are Destination Work: Getting people excited about coming to work and working hard, Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, and Revved!: An Incredible Way to Rev Up Your Workplace and Achieve Amazing Results.

He mostly writes about improving workplace morale.
Harry Paul has extensive experience in management training and consultancy. He was formerly a senior vice president at the Ken Blanchard Companies. He has co-authored the FISH books and written other books on improving the workplace performance.
John Christensen is a filmmaker, a businessman and a writer.
Other books by Christensen are Schools of Fish!: Welcome Back to the Reason You Became an Educator, Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, and The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company.
He writes on motivational techniques for the workplace and in personal life.
John Christensen came up with the basic ideas for the FISH philosophy when he observed the upbeat attitude of workers at a little fish market in Seattle. He made a film, FISH, to explain this idea and the success of the film led to a book on the FISH philosophy and other spin off books based on that main premise.

Title Fish For Life
ISBN 9780340831083
Edition 1st edition
Number of Pages 144
Country India
Language English

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