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Title And the Mountain Echoed
Author Khaled Hosseini
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Quality Paperback
ISBN 9789384898083
Edition 1st Edition, 2013
Number of Pages 468
Country India
Language English

Product Summary

"And the Mountain Echoed" Back Cover of The Book:
Ten-year-old Abdullah would do anything for his younger sister. In a life of poverty and struggle, with no mother to care for them, Pari is the only person who brings Abdullah happiness. For her, he will trade his only pair of shoes to give her a feather for her treasured collection. When their father sets off with Pari across the desert to Kabul in search of work, Abdullah is determined not to be separated from her. Neither brother nor sister knows what this fateful journey will bring them. And the Mountains Echoed is a deeply moving epic of heartache, hope and, above all, the unbreakable bonds of love.

Author Information

১৯৬৫ সালে কাবুলে জন্মগ্রহণ করেন। বাবা ছিলেন একজন কূটনীতিবিদ, আর মা ফরাসি এবং ইতিহাসের শিক্ষক। ১৯৭৮ সালের সংঘাতের পর সপরিবারে তার বাবা আমেরিকায় চলে আসেন। রাজনৈতিক আশ্রয় গ্রহণ করেন সেখানে। হোসাইনি পেশায় একজন চিকিৎসক। বর্তমানে তিনি স্ত্রী-সন্তানসহ নর্দান ক্যালিফোর্নিয়ায় বাস করছেন। Khaled Hosseini (Born March 4, 1965) is an Afghan-born American novelist and physician. After graduating from college, he worked as a doctor in California, an occupation that he likened to an arranged marriage. He has published three novels, most notably his 2003 debut The Kite Runner, all of which are at least partially set in Afghanistan and feature an Afghan as the protagonist. Following the success of The Kite Runner he retired from medicine to write full-time. Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. His father worked as a diplomat, and when Hosseini was 11 years old, the family moved to France; four years later, they applied for asylum in the United States, where he later became a citizen. Hosseini did not return to Afghanistan until 2001 at the age of 36, where he felt like a tourist in his own country. In interviews about the experience, he admitted to sometimes feeling survivor's guilt for having been able to leave the country before the Soviet invasion and subsequent wars.

And the Mountain Echoed

And the Mountain Echoed

by Khaled Hosseini


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