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Microbiology (Paperback)

by Jr. Michael Pelczar

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Product Specification & Summary

This text by the well-known authors of "Microbiology:Concepts and Applications" emphasizes the importance of integrating new knowledge gained through basic research with applied research and development programs. One of the main features of this text is a presentation of the classification of bacteria in a totally new format. Material on metabolism, bacterial genetics, and genetic engineering and reorganized the section on microorganisms and disease.

Table of Contents
Part I : Introduction to Microbiology
1. The Scope of Microbiology
2. The History of Microbiology
3. The Characterization, Classification, and Identification of Microorganisms
4. The Microscopic Examination of Microorganisms

Part II : Microorganisms-Bacteria
5. The Morphology and Fine Structure of Bacteria
6. The Cultivation of Bacteria
7. Reproduction and Growth
8. Pure Cultures and Cultural Characteristics

Part III : Microbial Physiology and Genetics
9. Enzymes and Their Regulation
10. Microbial Metabolism: Energy Production
11. Microbial Metabolism: Utilization of Energy and Biosynthesis
12. Bacterial Genetics

Part IV : The World of Bacteria
13. The World of Bacteria I : "Ordinary" Gram-Negative Bacteria
14. The World of Bacteria II : "Ordinary" Gram-Positive Bacteria
15. The World of Bacteria III : Bacteria with Unusual Properties
16. The World of Bacteria IV : Gram-Positive, Filamentous Bacteria of Complex Morphology

Part V : Microorganisms-Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, and Viruses
17. Fungi-Molds and Yeasts
18. Algae
19. Protozoa
20. Viruses of Bacteria
21. Viruses of Animals and Plants

Part VI : Control of Microorganisms
22. Control of Microorganisms by Physical Agents
23. Control of Microorganisms by Chemical Agents
24. Antibiotics and Other Chemotherapeutic Agents

Part VII : Environmental and Industrial Microbiology
25. Microbiology of Soil
26. Aquatic Microbiology
27. Microbiology of Domestic Water and Wasteware
28. Microbiology of Foods
29. Industrial Microbiology

Part VIII : Microorganisms and Disease
30. Microbial Flora of the Healthy Human Host
31. Host-Microbe Interactions: The Process of Infection
32. Natural Resistance and Nonspecific Defense Mechanisms
33. Basic and Theoretical Aspects of the Immune Response
34. Assays and Applications of the Immune Response
35. Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
36. Microbial Agents of Disease: Bacteria
37. Microbial Agents of Disease: Viruses
38. Microbial Agents of Disease: Fungi and Protozoa

Title Microbiology
ISBN 9780074623206
Edition 5th Edition, 2001
Number of Pages 918
Country India
Language English

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