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ECG Made Easy (Paperback)

by Atul Luthra 

Price: TK. 585

ECG Made Easy

ECG Made Easy (Paperback)

TK. 585

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Product Specification & Summary

ECG Made Easy is a complete overview of ECG, examining its interpretation and resulting diagnosis, the possible causes of abnormalities and their clinical relevance. Assisted by 164 illustrations, this book discusses in detail the diagnosis and management of numerous cardiac rhythms, with a separate chapter dedicated to each ECG reading.

New Edition
* ECG Made Easy presents this intriguing subject in a format which is easy-to-understand, ready to assimilate and handy for reference.
* The initial chapters are devoted to basic principles, nomenclature of waves and to the calculation of heart rate and electrical axis.
* This is followed by potential abnormalities of various deflection and their intervening segments, with due emphasis on causation and clinical relevance.
* The later section deals with cardiac arrhythmias in which apparently similar rhythms are discussed together in one chapter . This helps to compare their mechanism, causation, recognition and management.
* This book with many more real graphs and illustrative diagrams serves as an ideal-reference book for students, paramedics and clinicians.

Table of Contents
* 1. Nomenclature of ECG Deflections
* 2. Electrocardiographic Leads
* 3. ECG Grid and Normal Values
* 4. Determination of Electrical Axis
* 5. Determination of the Heart Rate
* 6. Abnormalities of the P Wave
* 7. Abnormalities of QRS Complex
* 8. Abnormalities of the T Wave
* 9. Abnormalities of the U Wave
* 10. Abnormalities of P-R Segment
* 11. Abnormalities of S-T Segment
* 12. Abnormalities of P-R Interval
* 13. Abnormalities of Q-T Interval
* 14. Premature Beats in Regular Rhythm
* 15. Pauses During Regular Rhythm
* 16. Fast Regular Rhythm with Narrow
* 17. Normal Regular Rhythm with Narrow
* 18. Fast Irregular Rhythm with Narrow QRS
* 19. Fast Regular Rhythm with Wide QRS
* 20. Normal Regular Rhythm with Wide QRS
* 21. Fast Irregular Rhythm with Bizarre QRS
* 22. Slow Regular Rhythm with Narrow QRS
* 23. Slow Irregular Rhythm with Narrow QRS
* 24. Slow Regular Rhythm with Wide QRS
* Index

Title ECG Made Easy
ISBN 9789350255919
Edition 4th Edition, 2012
Number of Pages 252
Country India
Language English

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