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Human Anatomy Volume - 1 : Upper Limb and Thorax (Paperback)

by B. D. Chaurasia

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Human Anatomy Volume - 1 : Upper Limb and Thorax

Human Anatomy Volume - 1 : Upper Limb and Thorax (Paperback)

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TK. 1,170

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Product Specification & Summary

BD Chaurasia's Human Anatomy has been serving the interests of medical students as the most popular textbook because of the simplicity of its text, lucidity of expression, clarity of discussion and remarkebly vivid detailing in the illustrations, making human acatomy most comprehensible to learn. The three volumes have steadily been enlarging to accommodate gross anatomy, histology, embryology and detailed clinical anatomy. Numerous colour line diagrams support the text of gross, surface and clinical anatomy. Numerous colour line diagrams support the text of gross, surface and clinical anatomy. Because of the size, it is difficult for the students to revise the volumes prior to their class tests and examinations.

The CAMPANION POCKETBOOKS on the volumes have been designed and brought our giving only the essential components highlighting “must know” of anatomy. Content of each pocketbook is almost one third the size of the main volume, meant mainly for quick last minute revision of the “ volatile anatomy” . The illustrations are aimed at helping the students review the topics easily as well as retaining and reproducing the information clearly in their examinations. Clinical aspects are included with equal intensity. Mainly meant for professional undergraduate students, they could also use these for quick reference during their clinical postings.

Highlights of Volume 1
Section 1 on upper Limb contains tables for muscles of various regions, movements of various joints, arteries and branches of nerves are the hallmark of this section. Appendix 1 contains nerves of upper limb, arteries of upper limb and clinical terms.

Section 2 on Thorax contains bones of thoracic cage with its muscles including “respiratory movements”. Pleura, lung, bronchial tree, pericardium, heart chambers with their blood supply and nerve supply including clinical anatomy are described briefly. Appendix 2 contains introduction to autonomic nervous system, blood vessels of thorax in tabulated form and clinical terms.

Table of Contents
Section 1: Upper Limb
1. Introduction
2. Bones of Upper Limb
3. Pectoral Region
4. Axilla
5. Back
6. Dermatomes and Superficial Veins
7. Scapular Region
8. Arm
9. Forearm and Hand
10. Joints of Upper Limb
11. Surface Marking
Appendix 1

Section 2: Thorax
12. Introduction
13. Bones and Joints of Thorax
14. Wall of Thorax
15. Thoracic Cavity and the Pleura
16. Lungs
17. Mediastinum
18. Pericardium and Heart
19. Superior Vena Cava, Aorta and Pulmonary Trunk
20. Trachea, Oesophagus and Thoracic Duct
21. Surface Marking of Thorax
Appendix 2

Title Human Anatomy Volume - 1 : Upper Limb and Thorax
ISBN 9789385915468
Edition 7th Edition, 2017
Number of Pages 328
Country India
Language English

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