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ম্যালকম গ্ল্যাডওয়েল

He was born September 3, 1963. Malcolm Gladwell is a journalist, speaker and bestselling author whose work explores academic findings on psychology, sociology and social psychology. His other books include The Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big Difference, What The Dog Saw: And Other Adventures and David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants. Malcolm Gladwell’s writing process revolves around the analysis, interpretation and representation of valuable research. He has earned a place in the minds of his readers as a credible source by shunning personal opinion, and instead relying on research findings to tell the story. As his work tends to rely on scientific research, one of his greatest strengths is his ability to talk about scientific data in a way that anyone can understand. Malcolm Gladwell was born in Hampshire, England and from the age of 6 he has spent most of his life in Ontario, Canada, where his family relocated. He was recognized for the second-highest form of honour for merit in his country, by being appointed to the Order of Canada.

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