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Power Bank at the Best price in Bangladesh at Rokomari

A power bank is a portable device that can charge electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is a rechargeable battery pack that can store energy to charge devices on the go. With the increasing usage of electronic devices, power banks have become an essential gadgets to carry around. In Bangladesh, power banks are widely available in various sizes and capacities. Prices vary based on capacity, brand, and features. Some power banks are specifically designed to charge laptops and other high-power devices, while others are suitable for smartphones and other smaller gadgets. The best power bank in Bangladesh depends on individual needs and requirements. It is important to consider factors such as capacity, compatibility with devices, and durability when selecting a power bank.

In conclusion, power banks are a convenient and essential device for people on the go who need to keep their electronic devices charged. Prices of power banks in Bangladesh vary based on capacity and features, and options like laptop power banks are also available. Selecting the best power bank in Bangladesh requires consideration of individual needs and preferences.


Features That Need to Consider to Buy a Power Bank

When buying a power bank, there are several features that you should consider to ensure that you get a device that meets your needs. Here are some of the key features to consider:


Capacity: This is the most important feature to consider as it determines the amount of charge that the power bank can provide. Higher capacity power banks can charge devices more times before requiring a recharge.


Output power: Output power determines how quickly the power bank can charge your device. Look for a power bank with a high output power to ensure that your device charges quickly.


The number of ports: Consider the number of devices you need to charge simultaneously and choose a power bank with the appropriate number of ports.


Portability: Look for a compact and lightweight power bank if you need to carry it around frequently.


Durability: Choose a power bank that is durable and can withstand accidental drops and scratches.


Compatibility: Ensure that the power bank is compatible with your device to avoid damage to your device or the power bank.


Brand reputation: Look for reputable brands that offer good warranties and customer support.


By considering these features, you can find a power bank that meets your needs and is a reliable source of portable power for your electronic devices.


Lists of Best Power Banks Available at 

1 Mi 10000mAh Power Bank V3 USB-C Fast charge 18W
2 Mi 10000mAh Power Bank with 10W wireless fast charger
3 Baseus Amblight Digital Display Fast Charge Power Bank 30000mAh Overseas Edition (PPLG000102)
4 Remax 10000mAh Tape Design Dual Port Fast Charging Power Bank (RPP-12)
5 Remax R Series Mobile Power Bank 10000mAh (RPP-119)
6 Redmi 10000mAh Fast Charge Power Bank
7 Remax Ultra Slim Portable Mobile Power Bank 10000mAh (RPP-120)
8 Remax RPP-86 20000mAh Jumbook Power Bank
9 Remax 10000mAh Portable Fast Charging Power Bank (RPP-37)
10 Baseus Q pow Digital Display 3A Power Bank 10000mAh With Type-C Cable (PPQD-A01)
11 Rapoo Power Bank 10000 mAh (P200)
12 RAPOO Intelligent Power Bank 10400 mAh (P390)
13 Remax RPP-17 Floppy Power Bank 5000mAh
14 Havit Power Bank 20000 mAh (PB8809)
15 Baseus Bipow Digital Display Power bank 20000mAh 15W (PPDML-J01)


Original Power Bank Brands for Portable Charging on in Bangladesh is a popular online marketplace in Bangladesh that offers a wide range of power bank brands to choose from. Some of the original power bank brands available at include Xiaomi, Anker, Remax, Awei, Baseus, Ugreen, Havit, Joyroom, Romoss, and Pineng.  These brands offer power banks with different capacities, output power, and features, allowing you to choose a device that best meets your needs. Additionally, purchasing from ensures that you get original power banks and reliable customer service.