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By: Md. Shazzadur Rahman, 09 Jan 2020

Humayun Ahmed, a legend of Bengali literature, occupies one of the leading Bengali writers of the 20th century. Together with the novelist, short story writer, and playwright, this man is called the pioneer of Bengali science fiction. He is also highly acclaimed as a drama and film director. Neither the songwriter nor the painter's identity should be excluded. He had an equal attitude in every branch of creativity, had achieved the highest success and most popularity. Humayun Ahmed gifted his outstanding books, plays, and films to the Bengali nation after independence. Readers of Humayun Ahmed's books are spread all over the world. Humayun Ahmed's book has been translated into many languages all over the world. People became interested to watch movie going to cinema halls through his films and made a huge readership between books and book readers. The first film he made was called 'Aguner Parashmoni'. Apart from this, films like ‘Shyamol Chaya’, ‘Shraban Megher Din’, ‘Dui Duari’, ‘Chandrakatha’, ‘Ghetuputra Kamala’ have received praise from all kinds of viewers and critics. His plays are unique. ‘Eishob din ratri’, ‘Bohubrihi’, ‘Aaj Rabibar’, ‘Kothao keo nei’, ‘aoyomoy’ is still praised among the audience. He is the father of such characters as Himu, Misir Ali, Shuvro. All the masterpiece Humayun Ahmed novel like ‘Nandito noroke’, ‘Shonkhonil karagar’, ‘Jochana o Jananir golpo’. Readers of Humayun Ahmed's books are spread all over the world, combining children's books, liberation war essays, science fiction. Through his creative works he has gained Bangla Academy Award, Ekushey Padak, Humayun Qadir Memorial Award, Writer Shibir Award, Michael Madhusudhan Dutt Award, National Film Award, and Bachsa Award, Children's Academy Award, Zainul Abedin Gold Medal with various honors. Humayun Ahmed was born on November 13, 1948, Pirban in Kutubpur in Kendua Upazila of Netrokona district. After suffering from colon cancer for a long time he left us from the hospital at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, New York. He was buried in his beloved Nuhash-Palli in Gazipur. People can read Humayun Ahmed books in online through ‘Humayun Ahmed books online reading’.

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