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Adult Diapers in Bangladesh: Price, Brands and Where to Buy

Adult diapers are a necessity for many people in Bangladesh who have incontinence issues. They provide comfort and convenience, allowing individuals to live their lives with confidence. In this article, we'll discuss the different types and brands of adult diapers available in Bangladesh, their prices, and where to buy them.


Types of Adult Diapers

Adult Diaper Pants: These are the most popular type of adult diapers in Bangladesh. They are easy to wear and offer good absorbency. Some of the top brands for adult diaper pants include Freshlife, Aspire, SmartCare, Ecofresh, Glory, Tender, Alpha, Safe, and Savlon


Adult Diaper Pad: These are thinner and more discreet than adult diaper pants. They are suitable for those who have light to moderate incontinence. Some of the top brands for adult diaper pads include Abena and Stayfree.


Adult Diaper Underwear: These are similar to regular underwear but have a built-in absorbent pad. They are ideal for those who have mild incontinence. Some of the top brands for adult diaper underwear include Depend and Poise.


Price Range

The price of adult diapers in Bangladesh varies depending on the type and brand. Adult diaper pants can range from 250 BDT to 1500 BDT per pack, while adult diaper pads can range from 200 BDT to 1200 BDT per pack. Adult diaper underwear can cost anywhere from 150 BDT to 2000 BDT per pack.


Where to Buy

Adult diapers are available at most pharmacies and medical supply stores in Bangladesh. Some popular online retailers include has a selection of adult diapers available for purchase.


Adult diapers provide a convenient and comfortable solution for those who suffer from incontinence issues. With a variety of types and brands available in Bangladesh, individuals can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget. Remember to purchase from a trusted retailer and seek professional advice if needed.