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Product Specification

Title Freedom at Midnight
Author Dominique Lapierre
Publisher Vikas Publication
Quality Paperback
ISBN 9788125931867
Edition Reprint, 2012
Number of Pages 774
Country India
Language English

Product Summary

‘Freedom at Midnight’ Book Contents:
Maps - vii
Illustrations – viii
Glimpses of an unforgettable research - xi
Preface - xliii
Prologue - lix
1. ‘A Race Destined to Govern And subdue’ 1-23
2. ‘walk Alone, Walk Alone’ 25-43
3. ‘leave India to God’ 45-97
4. A Last Tattoo for the Dying Raj 99-126
5. An Old man and His Shattered Dream 127-185
6. A Precious Little Place 187-199
7. Palaces and Tigers, Elephants and Jewels 201-225
8. A Day Cursed by the Stars 227-260
9. The Most Complex Divorce in History 261-310
10. ‘We Will Always Remain Brothers’ 311-356
11. While the World Slept 357-401
12. ‘Oh Lovely Dawn of freedom’ 403-438
13. ‘Our People Have Gone Mad’ 439-488
14. The Greatest Migration in History 489-530
15. ‘kashmir - only kashmir!’ 531-550
16. Two Brahmins from Poona 551-575
17. ‘Let Gandhi Die!’ 577-613
18. The Vengeance of Madanlal Pahwa 615-634
19. ‘We Must Get Gandhi Before the Police Get Us’ 635-663
20. The Second Crucifixion 665-692
Epilogue 693-710
What They Became 711-715
Acknowledgements 717-726
Bibliography 727-742
Notes 743-761
Index 763-774

Author Information

Dominique Lapierre (born 30 July 1931 in Châtelaillon, Charente-Maritime, France) is a French author.Dominique Lapierre was born in Châtelaillon-Plage, Charente-Maritime, France. At the age of thirteen, he travelled to America with his father who was a diplomat (Consul General of France). He attended the Jesuit school in New Orleans and became a paper boy for the New Orleans Item. He developed interests in travelling, writing and cars. Lapierre renovated a 1927 Nash that his mother gave him and decided to travel across America during his summer holidays. To earn his way he painted mail boxes. Later, he received a scholarship to study the Aztec civilization in Mexico. He hitch-hiked throughout America living an adventurous existence, wrote articles, washed windows in churches, gave lectures, and even found a job as a siren cleaner on a boat returning to Europe. One day a truck driver who picked him up on the road to Chicago stole his suitcase. He found the driver before the police did. The Chicago Tribune paid him $100 for his exclusive story. His twenty thousand miles of adventure beginning with just thirty dollars in his pocket led to his first book A Dollar for a Thousand Kilometers. It became one of the best sellers of postwar France and other European countries.

Freedom at Midnight

Freedom at Midnight

by Dominique Lapierre


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